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How It Works

Imagine it is 10 PM and you receive a call from your designated Site Safety Manager informing you of a family emergency. You have 80 yards of concrete scheduled to pour and 80 trade’s men and women scheduled to work. What do you do? You log on to SafetyCoverage.com, create a subscription account in minutes and select by filters from available workers with the licenses, skills and experience you need. An alert goes out to available safety professionals once your coverage needs are posted. Our available subscribing safety professions log in and read the details of the job and accept if they find it suitable. If the candidate that has responded is acceptable to you, you can mutually select to work with each other. You negotiate the rate and agree on the payment terms. SafetyCoverage.com alleviates the stress of having to make multiple calls to find someone at the last minute. You save the day by preventing a loss of a days of work and the possible Stop Work Order, violations and penalties you expose yourself to by operating with the required safety professional. The cost of a six month subscription will save you from thousands of dollar of losses. Additionally, navigating our site is easy and user friendly. We created it with you in mind.

Safety Professional

Create An Account

Your journey starts here, why wait!! Let technology help you to earn. If you are an independent Safety Professionals don’t let down time due to job stoppage cause you to despair and lose wages. If you are licensed but not use your safety license you can moonlight and earn extra by working part-time. You have nothing to lose, just try our service free for30 days. We are that confident you will love it.

Update Calendar/Availability

Was site work cancelled due to inclement weather or an unfortunate Stop Work Order? Don’t lose out on earnings for that day or possibly weeks of work as a result of stoppage at your permanent jobsite. We want to keep you busy and earning as a valued subscriber. Take a look at your calendar and update your availability. You can even select preferred project types and jobsite locations.

Post Availability or Post a job

If you are an independent safety professional, looking for a change or just to moonlight, SafetyCoverage.com platform is a valuable resource. Don’t miss important appointments, or family events because of work. An independent Safety Professional can search for temporary or emergency coverage in a matter of minutes. We are here to enable you to find temporary relief coverage or to earn a little more money.


Create An Account

Peace of mind, freedom and flexibility at your worksite begins when you register on SafetyCoverage.com. In the process of overseeing a construction project you have many responsibilities. With SafetyCoverage.com you will have one less thing to worry about. Simply create an account and indicate what type of license professional you need, the level of experience you are seeking and when you need them. Our straight forward and easy to navigate website makes signing up a snap.

Search for safety professional

Whether your coverage needs are emergency, shorter term or long term, SafetyCoverage.com will help you to identify the best qualified candidates. During the registration phase, safety professionals select factors such as preferred work locations, shift, and even the level of physical demand. You can look for a Site Safety Manager with high-rise experience if your project requires it. We can also assist you with finding permanent safety professionals. Click, filter and select; it’s that easy!!

Post a job

Let technology help you to connect with and find the appropriate candidates for your site coverage needs. By posting jobs you available safety professional to reach out to you directly. Give the details of your project, such as location, the type of licenses required and amount of experience you would like to have and even the phase of the project site you need coverage for. You can post with confidence and find a qualified Site Safety Manager/Coordinator, Concrete Safety Manager or Fire Safety Manager.

Job Categories

A safety professional interested in finding work can list their availability to work either emergency, short term or long term. A developer interested in finding coverage can list their job or search for safety professionals using the same categories. Additionally, both parties may specify overnight and after hours work (i.e. permitted evening and weekend) as a preference.


Emergency coverage means same day coverage of a job. In the event that you encounter a problem and must work after 3:30 pm and your designated safety professional is not available SafetyCoverage.com can help. Safety professional can moonlight and make some extra money after their steady job.

Short Term

Short-term coverage ranges from 1-10 days, within 24-hour notice. If a jobsite close due to a myriad of issues a safety professional can work for another site on a short-term basis. An employer can prevent burnout of their designated safety professional by finding relief or back up coverage.

Long Term

Long-term coverage is a need or availability that is greater than 10 day. If you decide to seek consistency in your schedule as a safety professional or you desire coverage for the less appealing interior phase, SafetyCoverage.com can help. For a permanent placement please email us and you will be contacted within 24hours.


Put Your Smart Phone to Work for You With SafetyCoverage.com



Locate and distribute jobs in a more efficient manner and in real-time.


Flexibility for workers and peace of mind for companies.


Eliminate stress by scheduling site coverage instead of wrangling up coverage.


Independent SSM, SSC, FSM and CSM can use technology to find new opportunity.

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