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At Pyramid Solutions, we deliver top-tier safety and environmental expertise to utility and infrastructure projects, ensuring compliance and excellence through our certified personnel, MWBE certifications, and proven success in public sector contracts.

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About Pyramid Safety & Health Solutions, Inc

Empowering Companies Through Expert Compliance Solutions

Our mission is to provide peace of mind by alleviating liability stress on construction projects, including DOT, airport, DEP, MTA, and offshore wind energy projects. We offer highly trained, certified individuals and agency-approved staff, setting prime contractors apart in bidding. We attract and retain top talent with long-term positions, competitive wages, benefits, and training. Our leadership’s regulatory expertise and regular project visits ensure quality control and risk reduction.

What we do


At Pyramid Safety & Health Solutions, we provide expert safety services tailored to businesses of all sizes. From NYC DOB-licensed Construction Site Safety Managers to comprehensive Workplace Safety Training, we ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and enhance productivity. Our services include Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Safety Management, and targeted training. Trust us to empower your organization with safety expertise, boosting morale and reducing costs. Schedule your free consultation today.

Site Safety Management

Our company provides NYC DOB licensed personnel and credentialed safety professionals with agency-approved experience across industries, including NYC DEP, NYC MTA, DDC, and NYCHA.

Workplace Safety Training

Investing in workplace safety and health training is essential, yielding high employee retention, fewer injuries and illnesses, lower insurance costs, and improved morale. We provide and consult on various training topics, with major clients including NYC DEP and NYC DOB.

Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Safety

We provide workplace exposure monitoring and general industry health hazard audits to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements for safe, hazard-free work environments. Our services include indoor air quality assessments, and personal or area exposure assessments for industrial chemical to ensure companies comply with OSHA permissible exposure limits.

Environmental Safety Management

We make environmental compliance accessible by monitoring homes, daycares, and workplaces for lead hazards, meeting federal, state, and local regulations (including LL31 of 2020). Our services also include confined space gas monitoring, asbestos, silica, mold, and other environmental hazard assessments.
What we do


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Pyramid Safety & Health Solutions, Inc.

Pyramid Safety & Health Solutions is dedicated to empowering employers, unions, and employees by providing expertise to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce accident and illness risks, lower insurance costs, and improve productivity and morale.



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