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Environmental Safety and Monitoring


Environmental Safety and Monitoring

Pyramid Safety & Health Solutions, Inc. makes environmental compliance accessible to our clients.  Assessing homes, daycares and workplaces for lead in paint, water and dust hazards is an important requirement of many regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local levels. The firm has monitored many NYC Administration for Children’s Services Early Learning Centers for lead paint, lead in dust, as well as lead in water. We are ready to help owners of one and 2 family home built before 1960 to comply with NYC HPD Local Law 31 of 2020 require lead paint inspections if a child under age 6 resides in the rented units. The firm is U.S. EPA Certified to provide lead risk assessments, lead paint inspections and dust wipe clearance sampling post abatement. We can inspect homes built before 1978 that are at risk for containing lead-based paint. Realtors should recommend this service to potential buyers especially if the buyer has children under the age of six years old. Following the Flint Michigan water crisis many homeowners and municipalities are concerned about the quality and lead content of their drinking water. Pyramid has extensive experience in testing drinking water and can help you to understand how water quality can impact your health. Lead based paint is hazardous to young children since it impacts both mental and physical development. We can also provide professional guidance in responding to NYC HPD and DOHMH violations.

Site Safety Audit

Pyramid Safety and Health Solutions can simplify compliance with occupational (OSHA), environmental (DEP) and residential (EPA, HPD, DOH) regulations by providing assessments and monitoring services, and we can be your guide through the often complicated compliance process. Environmental compliance guidance is also available for hazards such as asbestos, silica,mold, and legionella among others.

Past Environmental Safety Clients

Past Environmental Safety Clients

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Coastal Environmental

Friends of Crown Heights

Cardinal McCloskey

B'Above Day Care Centers

Shirley Chrisholm Day Care Centers

Police Athletic League

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