©SM welcomes the feedback of its users, advertisers and partners. It is a valuable resource that will help us to deliver consistent and high-quality services to our valued client base. will maintain an open rating system where all users can share their experiences interacting with each other at jobsites. However, will not accept as feedback comments and information that is intentionally malicious, derogatory, harassing or misrepresentations on or about any of its users on the website or other platforms. Instead, we want to encourage a positive atmosphere that allows for constructive feedback.

In the event we receive feedback that matches the above description, will immediately remove this information and place the account of the person or entity who made the postings on suspension until their comments/critiques can be verified. If determines that the feedback is of a malicious nature, with intent to cause hurt or harm, the responsible user will be permanently removed from the website or any other platform.

In light of the aforesaid, welcome via email any internal feedback that will help us to protect, represent and uphold our commitment to our valued users.

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