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The City of New York is unique in its requirements to have a licensed safety professional designated to major projects. SafetyCoverage.com aims to leverage technology to connect NYC Department of Buildings and FDNY Licenses Professionals such as construction site safety managers/coordinators (SSM, SSC), concrete safety manager (CSM) and construction site fire safety managers (CSFSM)with each other or with developers/owner and construction management companies in need of their services. SafetyCoverage.com is using technology to maximize available human resources to meet the limited supply of safety professional and the increased demand for their services. In the current New York City construction climate, developers have a difficult time finding reliable safety professionals to pull required permits in order to commence projects. After the permits have been issued, finding experienced safety professionals in order to mobilize and in the building phase continues to be elusive. As a result, there is a lack of consistency in safety personnel which can lead to lack of follow-up, accidents and work stoppage. SafetyCoverage.com aims to help employers to find coverage on demand.

For the safety professional, working directly for a developer can be stressful since work is dependent on the licensed professional being present every day and during all hours of operation. SafetyCoverage.com can prevent employee burnout by helping employers to secure consistent coverage for emergencies and NYC DOB permitted afterhours work. Independent contractors who chose to work free of third party safety management companies may also feel the same isolation on the unfortunate occasion when the workday is extended or unexpectedly stopped.On the SafetyCoverage.com platform, safety professionals who are independent contractors can benefit from a network of available professionals when relief is needed.

SafetyCoverage.com allows freelancers the flexibility to take time off when family or personal emergency occur or to simply take a vacation. With this platform a licensed professional may even choose to specialized by becoming a floater that acts solely as an alternate for many different projects or by working with third party companies. Additionally, SafetyCoverage.com is a great resource for extra work, whether your site has experienced a Stop Work Order or you want to moonlight to make extra money. SafetyCoverage.com is a great resource that you can use to achieve work-life balance and prevent burnout.

Use SafetyCoverage.com to find experienced licensed safety professionals on demand. SafetyCoverage.com is always operational, whether your need is emergency,short-term or long-term site coverage.We can also assist employers with finding permanent safety professionals.

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